Management: running the business without you.Bill Bartmann

It is relatively easy to run a business where you are the owner, the operator, the controller, the marketer in the nutshell: the one man show. You do not need to possess any managerial skill as you only have to manage yourself. Your growth and consequently potential will be limited to what you personally can do.

An entrepreneur at least a successful one, I dare say is someone who, above all have the skill to run a business beyond his personal presence. Thus the entrepreneur has to develop his skill of leading & managing people, resources and understand the environment. You are called a manager only when you have people reporting to you.

I have been recently listening to Bill Bartmann, who is recognized as one of the best entrepreneurs of the US by NASDAQ some years ago. Learning from his mistakes, has been his greatest success. It is worth learning the secrets that took Bill Bartmann from a failure to a success, from bankrupt to a billionaire. You will thus learn real-world entrepreneurship tactics that actually work.

In short, entrepreneurs essentially should address the following:

Investment – Raise the money you need to grow fast
Recruitment – Attract top talent with creative compensation
Management – Get your business to run without you
Exit Strategy –
Cash-out wealthier than you thought possible.

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#1 gilles (vinivi) on 05.04.07 at 6:11 pm

Smmart advices. Look also at Guy Kawazaki for wise notes, when he started Garage technologies venture capital his first t-shirt was:
‘start up / kikck butt / cash out’…

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