Everything is measurable?

Is it true that everything is measurable? Once we are able to qualify something: it becomes measurable. Let us take something immaterial, something intangible, and something we cannot see. Can you measure the love I have for you? Can I qualify the love? Indeed I can, and then I am able to measure the love I have for you.

You may be wondering why we need to measure everything. I would like to propose to you that it is only through measurement that one can progress. Let us suppose that you are completely loss in a forest that that you have no bearing as to where you are? In other words, you cannot measure where you are, where you are located? Would you able to progress? The sun direction or the moon or stars would then be a beacon from which you would judge your position. Thereafter you might progress and move to get out of your lost situation. Thus the importance of measurement in what ever we do.

In the nutshell: No progress or improvement may be achieved without measuring your performance.

I came across the term of immeasurability in the value delivered by IT in a recent article which I recommend you to read.

“The rather radical-sounding position I take is that all “immeasurability” is just an illusion caused by three basic types of misunderstanding about measurement problems:

  • The object of measurement (i.e., the thing being measured) is not understood.
  • The concept or the meaning of measurement is not understood.
  • The methods of measurementproven techniques used by science&151; generally are not well understood.

Once IT executives are coached in each of these areas, they seem quite capable of solving their own measurement problems.”