Asset Based Thinking Seminar

I spent an hour or so watching a seminar given to Microsoft staff at the academy given by Kathryn Cramer on Asset Based thinking. The download was good enough as I did not have many interruptions or lag delay on account of internet communications. Should be able to afford the time, I recommend you to watch it and become a better person :an asset based thinker instead of a deficit based thinker.

Dr. Kathryn Cramer, founder of The Cramer Institute, has developed and brought to life a revolutionary (and refreshingly simple) concept called Asset-Based Thinking – a practical approach to taking the positive side of life?s ledger and using it to full advantage in everything you do. Asset-Based Thinking calls for small shifts in the way people absorb, perceive, filter, and interpret information. It changes the way we see everything, leading to dramatic improvements in the way we live and work. Asset-Based Thinking zeros in on what?s working rather than what?s not (Deficit-Based Thinking) and favors inspiration and aspiration over desperation?and it is infectious. Through Asset-Based Thinking anyone can lead more productive and personally fulfilling lives. Throughout this talk, Kathy will teach the audience members how to tap the power of Asset-Based Thinking and apply it to their personal and professional lives. This program is divided into three parts: Change the way you see yourself Change the way you see others Change the way you see situations Within each part, Kathy provides practical advice, case studies, and exercises that help participants modify their management, leadership, communication skills, performance, and satisfaction, and take them to the next level.

Kathryn D. Cramer, Ph.D., licensed psychologist and founder, The Cramer Institute


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