Happy Diwali Again!

In a few days time, more precisely next Friday, it will be Diwali again, the festival of light. Year in, year out, we celebrate the victory of Light over Darkness, justice over injustice; we wish our Mauritian brothers and sisters of Indian culture a happy Diwali and much rejoicing. We shall receive Diwali cakes and reciprocate with good wishes.

 I would like to dwell on two aspects: 1. Why is it necessary to have the celebration every year?  2. Why do we need to wish happy Diwali?  

 If it was natural that Light is always victorious over Darkness, then to make out a day of celebration for it could be wasteful. Just like a living person rejoices that he is breathing yet he does not need to celebrate once a year that he is breathing.  He would rather rejoice every instant of his life.

 Is possible that Light is not always victorious over Darkness and injustice rides on justice?  Let us look around us, do we see more evil than good in the media, newspapers and television? Is the amount of evil that matters? Would it be possible that only one act of goodness, in one go, overshines all the evils of the world? Is it possible that the celebration of Diwali is to remind us that Light can overcome Darkness and that we are asked to make it happen?

 In this line of this thinking “wishing Diwali”takes a refreshed meaning for me. When I offer my wishes what I really mean to the other party: ‘Thank you for making possible the victory of Light over Darkness, the triumph of Justice over injustice, the reign of peace over war and division.’

Happy Diwali to all of you.


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#1 joseph on 11.11.07 at 10:27 pm

Message from EDDY
I would like to express my sincere thanks for sharing this thought with us.
Indeed, in our hectic life, we are not taking time to “pause” our life and to reflect on our journey

Your style of reasoning just confirmed the modern leadership. I have been chosen to be one of the ten people who are being sponsored by the British Council to follow an African Interaction course for modern leadership. I must say that I am impressed with the contents and are in line with you style of reasoning.

Indeed, we do have the power to Questions and I am glad to read your views.

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