The latest I have read on UFO?

Presenting official data on unidentified aerial phenomena
promoting international cooperation among governments and the military in investigating UFOs

It looks serious matter to me, reading the stuff. With my curious mind, every thing interests me. My  curiosity thirst has been quenched.

How will this affect my life? What are these unidentified phenomena and how will they impact  the world? I leave it to the military and scientists to sort out.

Admittedly these news & information provide good materials for writers, the film industry as well as the press to make up stories to earn a good living.

What drives the eagerness of man to consume such news or information? Are we becoming greedy for information and strive for knowledge for the sake of knowledge itself?

Novelty, Fear and Uncertainty are definitely the driving factors. The media have understood these elements of the human behaviours and continue to exploit these aspects. The information  is transformed in a marketable commodities for consumption.  Bad news and preferably tragic ones are the best sellers of the press. Writing on the bad behaviours of people is news as it is uncommon. Describing the good deeds of your neighbour is normal and natural: therefore is ‘no news’ except when they are exceptional.

‘The bishop was bitten by his dog’ is ‘no news’. ‘The dog was bitten by the bishop is a press scoop.

I conclude that whilst there is material for militaries & scientists to investigate in UFO for fear of some outer planetary invasion, we should not lend ourselves to be exploited by the news around such information.