Global Warming

The President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus dismisses concerns over the environment and accuses Al Gore of being an “apostle of arrogance”. I had the opportunity to watch this BBC show of Hard Talk today. I found the president to be convincing and sincere in the interview. What if Vaclav Klaus was right? Is there a world conspiracy on global warming? Could the opinions of the score of thousand of ‘experts’ prove to be erroneous?

Can you imagine the amount of energy and world resources put behind the threat of global warming and climate changes? Who are the immediate beneficiaries of these initiatives? The predictions that I have read from some quarters seems apocalyptic.

I wish President Vaclav Klaus is right. I sense that there is exaggeration on the part of so called ‘experts’ to predict doom’s day soon. They want to shock the world to move to a cleaner environment and some politicians are riding on the wave to their benefits. On the other side, we have to be prudent. To discard the signs observed, like the erosion of the permafrost in the arctic region, would be to act irresponsibly. Vaclav Klaus is right in the sense that the decision makers are not the ‘experts’: they are the politicians. Often, too often the criteria of decisions used by politicians are not reasonable. They decide on what is right for them; not for the right reason to the benefit of mankind.


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