Intutive Hearts Peter Williams & Amanda Dentler

You are Precious

P is for your Presence and for your Peaceful Nature, Pure Love and Personality.

R is for your Royal Regard for Self Respect, Respect for All and for the Living Natural World and Mother Earth around us.

E is for your Energy of Giving and Creating a Loving Atmosphere filled with Warmth and Gentleness.

C is for your Child-like Nature of Lightness, Playfulness and Cheerfulness.

I is for your Innocence with your Inner Glow, Inner Diamond and Intuitive Heart.

O is for Being at One with Wonder, Life, Thoughts, Feelings, Living Powers and simply Who you are. U is for You – Just being wonderful you full of an Inner Beauty that shines on the inside and shows itself on the outside,

S is for you being so, so, so special – a spirit, a soul – with an inner and outer smile.

Amanda Dentler and Peter Williams who wrote the above text are in Mauritius delivering seminars. May all attendees benefit from their precious teachings of both of them.

Intuitive Hearts offer another way of seeing life.


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