OBAMA ‘s Novelty effect

Six months over, since  President Obama took over as the head of the state, is his tenure going to have the same effect that his predecessors Carter of Clinton?

The real danger may be that Obama and the Democrats, particularly in the Senate, will get weak-kneed in the face of the Republican-business coalition and settle—either for health care legislation that increases subsidies, but doesn’t rein in the insurance companies (which is what Clinton and the Democrats did after 1994), or for financial regulation that ostensibly imposes new rules, but doesn’t strengthen the public’s ability to enforce them.

Let us hope that Obama and his team will learned from the past. The conditions are always different as one never sees the same water going through the river.

John Judis  from the National Public Radio attempts to analyze the point.

Tan Chee Peng

I was invited yesterday, as an industry guest speaker to the 8th Project Leadership Certification seminar held at the newly opened InterContinental Hotel at balaclava. For the whole week, executives were gathered to hone their leadership skills with Tan Chee Peng an experienced trainer and business consultant. The training is runned under the aegis of the University of Technology.

As it was the closing day of the seminar I had the chance of hearing the feedback of the 30 participants giving a short presentation of their transformation. It was very uplifting to witness the spirit of team developed by the group and the learning they benefited during the week.

Who is Tan Chee Peng?

I have known Tan Chee Peng for years. I was first introduced to Tan Chee Peng in the days he used to be stationed in Mauritius working for a consultant firm. Since he now based in Singapore & Malaysia covers an extensive geographic region stretching from Africa, Asia to the South Pacific island.

Mr. Tan is the founder and CEO of Team SYNthesis and Business Technovise International (BTI), a strategic services

firm specializing in Business / IT Strategy, Programme & Project Management (PPM) large systems and business

process integration projects.

Prior to BTI, Mr. Tan was the managing partner, Andersen Worldwide managing the consulting practice in Mauritius,

Madagascar, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. Mr. Tan, an ASEAN scholar and a First Class Degree holder

from Imperial College, UK, has more than 24 years of consulting experience in financial services industry, helping

MNC clients in Business IT Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Business Process Reengineering, Programme

and Change Management, Performance Management and, e-Commerce strategy and Implementation. He was previously the

Vice President, Technology of Citibank N.A, Singapore.

Mr. Tan was conferred the (CITPM, Senior), the Singapore National IT Project Management Certification on 26 November 1998.

Based on his professional work in Singapore, Mauritius and Africa, he was independently nominated and admitted to the

International Who’s Who of Professionals for 1999. Mr. Tan also sits on the Board of Assessor for the Singapore National IT Skills

Certification Programme – IT Project Management since its inception.

He is also a Senior Member of the Singapore Computer Society and has been listed on the “SCS Roll of honour” in recognition and appreciation of his valuable support and contribution to the Society. Mr. Tan has given Project/Programme Management

Conferences, workshops and training sessions to more than 1,800 PMs worldwide and has successfully completed assignments in

more than 30 countries. Mr. Tan is also a Mauritius SAPES recipient.

I understand that a second seminar will be held in November 09.