Andrew Matthews – Be Happy

Ever since I read the Andrew Matthews book: BE HAPPY, I have been signing my email with the Matthews message.  I believed that he has been writing a couple of books ever since.

Recently I have subscribed to his blog which gives me a breath of Happiness. A life of changing exercises.


Take a look at the HAPPIEST people you know

and you will notice something.

They haven’t had the EASIEST lives!

Happy people have usually suffered and struggled MORE than most.

But in the process, they have learned to look for GOOD THINGS in life.

And have you noticed this …

When we look for good things in situations – or people – we FIND them.

When we look for bad things, we FIND them.

So it’s not changing your situation that makes you happier.

It’s changing your THINKING!

If you go looking for faults in your job or your mother or your wife, you will find plenty.

Some people spend their life looking for faults – and then they tell you, “I’m just being REALISTIC!”

It is not realistic.


Happy people continually ask themselves, “What is good about this situation?”


You are stuck in traffic. You ask yourself, “What’s GOOD about it?”

* You have time to listen to your favorite music.

* You can plan your day.

* It’s better than walking!


You are short of money.  You ask, “What’s GOOD about having no cash?”

* You learn to appreciate things that money can’t buy.

* You become more determined to succeed.

* You find out who your friends are!

You might say, “That’s nuts!  It’s kidding myself.”

Not so!

Looking for good things is a key to happiness.

So your mission for the next 24 hours?

In every situation, look for GOOD THINGS.

It may be hard at first, but it becomes automatic.

As “looking for positives” becomes a habit, you will become happier and happier.