Happy Hak ka

If I may claim to be of HAKKA descent amongst the Han of China, I am proud to be amongst the 100millions of HAKKA of this world. This is the estimated numbers according to HAKKA researchers.

With the greatest pleasure I re-read the 60 pages booklet produced by Joseph Tsang Man Kin entitled: ‘HAKKA and HUAREN DESTINY Challenge and Response.’ It was a quick reading to arouse in me, my sense of being a HAKKA.  I am  proud of the values that I have absorbed and am ignited to the need to transmit them.

tmk book

I have a wish to document myself more on HAKKA, the history and their contributions to building the Chinese Nation and their spread in the world. I was reminded in Joseph book that the contribution of HAKKA to the Taipin rebellion is quite known, more recently it is now being let out the contribution of a number of HAKKA’s to the rebuilding of China after the great leap period past the lost of Mao.

The word Hak KAa is itself an oxymore. Could be interpreted as Guest: Home or Foreigner: home.

Has the HAKKA  a nomadic gene to be always on the move or is it the continuous search for improvement of his lot that animate him?

The image that comes up to my mind now is: a rolling stone will forcibly become a ball with no shape edges. The roaming to different places, the intermingling with different people, the experiencing different situations forcible transform self into a smooth and versatile body. As such, through centuries of roaming the HAKKA people have been refined in their ways and above all developed versatility and adaptability main traits, at least more than other Hans.