Bravo CMT!

I’ve been reading the Mauritian newspapers the last few days, wherein was reported the wonderful story of CMT and more importantly, the challenge they are taking on to become the 10 biggest textile companies of the world! Hats off to Francois Woo and his team for what they have achieved from humble beginnings in St Pierre to the notoriety they have risen to.

The vision of the CMT team to look forward to play in the world class field and to equip their factories with state of the art machineries and to  train the whole of the  personnel to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Isn’t it a lesson to learn from? What better proof of entrepreneurship?

I wish them big success they deserve.

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#1 Jean Claude Woo on 06.06.07 at 6:10 pm

I have been following Francois’ activities from a distance, he is quite remarkable, if only ,mauritian agricutural sector has a few entrepreneurs like him. Instead there are too many thinkers and procastinators.

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