Encounters at IVAC


Indeed, at Ivac,we meet people of different walks of life. 2 days ago Christian Olsson, who has sojourned in IVAC for the last 10 days, left. He is German and owns a Graphic design company. He needed some rejuvenation and had a break from work. When Christian left, he told me that his time at the Ayurveda Centre not only cleansed his body, he also had time to work on his mental stresses. He is now all ready to face the challenges of his world.Christian allowed me to discover his conception of Graphic Design and we had a lot of exchanges & sharings in Marketing products as he works for Siemens, Liebherr and many other German firms. Marketing Strategy, positioning of the products to achieve better results were the themes we talked about. I was enthused!In the nutshell, what I learnt from the exchange: a top class designer’s only mission is to design for the message desired by his customer irrespective of what he himself like or dislike on the material produced. The designers’ job is to arouse the proper emotions of the targeted audience to receive the message wanted by the clients.
May I wish Christian a continued succesful carreer. I am so grateful to the Lord to have placed him on my path.