New Treatment for my condition

On the advice of Dr. Khrisha U.K., the resident director of ayurvedic care, Dr. Murlidhar, prescribed a new treatment for my condition. He has ordered from Onkola, 200 kms from Mysore, special herbs and spices which have to be collected at specific time of the day. These ingredients have now arrived and since yesterday, at the most auspicious hour, which was noon, according to the panchan, they started my treatment. The ingredients were ground on stone similar to those we use to grind masala in Mauritius. The paste obtained was then applied all over my body and I had to stay in a standing position until the paste dried. From the smell of it, I could make out that there were mustard seeds, garlic, turmeric, and cloves. The other components consistered of herbs which Dr. Murlindhar said he will give me the recipe in due course. On application of the paste, I could feel a hot and cold sensation all over my body. I was told that the active elements of the spices and herbs would permeate my skin to stimulate the non responsive nerves. Hopefully, this procedure, which I shall have to undergo for 7 days in all, will bear some fruit. Though uncomfortable, it is bearable. From the turmeric I look like a jaundiced Chinese!!

The last 2 days, the temperature in Mysore dropped slightly, so they have brought in a heater in my room to enhance my comfort.