Wireless Internet connection in Mysore

From my chalet next to one of the sacred hill of Mysore, I am enjoying the view of the most beautiful Lathila palace against a blue sky in the background, whilst in the foreground an array of coconuts trees filled with a lush vegetation completes my panorama. Believe you me with the sound of Radio one blasting from the speakers of my laptop!This is the world on internet today!

A fortnight, ago on the advice of Dr. Tavane Krishna, I bought the services provided by Reliance Company for wireless internet connection through CDMA. The cost was an initial one time fee of INR. 5000 for the card and registration and a charge of INR 50 daily payable on monthly basis for illimited internet services. The service speed,I have experienced is faster that MyT back home although the cut off time for non utilisation seems to be very short. After a non activity of 2 hours the net connection cuts off when you are asked to reconnect.

I am really pleased to have the service on the desk in my room without having to go to the front office where internet service on ADSL at a much slower speed is offered. The savings made on international calls with the use of SKYPE is well worth it!
Out of the country but still connected with Radio One!for a couple of INR. I am happy. The BBC world service is perfect though RFI has been erratic.


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