Returning Entrepreneurs to India

There was a time when more educated Indians were turning to migration as the way to ensure their future.This was the case of Siraj Dhanani. In the early 90’s after brilliant studies, he made his way to the United States to pursuit his career. Today, he is one of the many who returned to mother India. Happy to live now home and to do business tapping the opportunity to service the world from India. Having worked as a pharmacist and gathered knowledge about the industry, now, with the abundant number of highly qualified scholars (over 200) in the Bangalore region his multi million dollars company is exploiting the niche of providing consultancy and intelligence to the world’s Pharmaceutical companies. The Indian brains are cheaper and at least equivalent in competency to their fellow overseas counter part and with technology,they are able to operate as if they are only,a telephone away!

What is the competitive advantage of having an outsource in India ?

“We offer our high-quality services at a significant discount to other consultants. This cost-differential is achieved by basing our execution team in India, and taking advantage of India’s low-cost and high quality work force. This advantage also allows us to over-resource on projects, thereby exceeding quality standards while retaining the cost-advantage for our clients.”

Siraj, definitely a smart entrepreneur, came to IVAC for a short holiday during the new year’s break days to benefit from a body detox. A sound mind in a sound body!I was happy then to have met him and exchanged with him.
May I wish Siraj and PharmARC Analytic Solutions growth and success in the coming years.


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