Last night the reading of the 33 free pages available on the net of Wikinomics held my breath. Don Tapscot & Anthony Williams‘s book promises to give the reader the evolution of mass collaboration in the new Wiki world.

I particularly enjoyed understanding the principle of Wikinomics and their proposal to strive in the new environment which sprouted from the linux experience. Also, Jacques Attali in his recent book also seems to share the same vision of the future in terms of collaboration & “le monde de gratuite”. . Definitely we shall experience a new form of man-mangement and human interaction in the work environment which in turn will influence the social interactions. Respect & independence whilst collaborating to the achievement of the set objective to serve the common good for free( without  retaining a financial individual claim on the final product or project)!I believe this might well be the spark to greater peace,in line with my optimistic wishful thinking.
I recommend you to avail of this freebie reading….