To Marry or not to Marry

This was my comments to a blogger who questioned his celibacy at 30?


Is it an issue for you? Personally! After all it is you the main concern?

Suppose that you had found the best Dal pourri in town, surely you will be talking to your friends about it and even inviting them to taste these delicious wonders? .
The successful married couples only want you to taste the bliss of married life! As with many things, life marriage comes with its lot of challenges & benefits.If the +s are higher than the -s then you have made it. The fun is working at it.It is in the process!The joy of the discovery of the love ones!The learning of down playing of our Ego and being humble! Valuing the differences!Giving & Receiving love & forgiveness!Sharing our profound ultimates!Undergo and live the school of generosity!Shouldering together the responsibility of raising children. The road to unconditional love!
Having been married for 34 years,I can tell you that it has been and still is a worthwhile positive adventure with the big +s and small -s.
Be it an arranged marriage, or an introduction by friends,or relatives or love found by some fortuitous encounter: “entree en matiere” is not the main issue.
The crux is the decision of the spouses to make the vow and to stick to a common project ! Love after all is a decision. The feeling of love may be called infatuation which often wears off…. It is very much like the decision of building a gigantic life long project together.
Having tasted it,I also wish you, if you so desire, to find a life companion to share your life. Traveling along the life path is so much more pleasant, spicy,fun and challenging in good company…. and keep on blogging…

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Not bad for a Sunday morning prose….said Watson.