Good Bye Elizabeth & Ulrike


After spending over ten days at the center, undergoing the detox Ayurvedic treatments and a rejuvenating spell of a few days, time has come to say Good bye for Elizabeth & Ulrike. Since it is about a mind, body and soul therapy the interaction with the other residents may well be part of the sojourn. It was a favorable period to relax, recollect your senses and gather energy to go back to face your challenging world. I do recall how a little incident with another resident,disturbed the serenity of one of them, which caused her to skip a meal at the dinning hall. On their departing farewell,I was pleased to note that the incident was forgotten.

I must admit that I had very good interaction with these talented wonder women who are leaving a legacy to the world in their respective field. For one the creation of a HD TV and for the other her avant garde music. They brought new avenues to me with our sharing.  May God continue to bless them with such energy and determination….Bon vent….