Jesus at the Football Match

You will recalled that I told you earlier that my bed time reading was Anthony de Mello‘s book.

His short stories are well worth reading. I would advise you to get this book. To wet your appetite, I have copied yet another extract to you.

Jesus at the Football Match

Jesus Christ said he had never been to a football match. So we took him to one, my friends and I. It was a ferocious battle between the Protestant Punchers and the Catholic Crusaders.
The Crusaders scored first. Jesus cheered wildly and threw his hat high up in the air. Then the Punchers scored. And Jesus cheered wildly and threw his hat high up in the air.
This seemed to puzzle the man behind us. He tapped Jesus on the shoulder and asked. “Which side are you shouting for, my good man?”
“Me?” replied Jesus, by now visibly excited by the game. “Oh! I’m not rooting for either side. I’m just here to enjoy the game.”
The questioner turned to his neighbor and sneered, “Hmm, an atheist!”

On the way back we briefed Jesus on the religious situation of the world today. “It’s a funny thing about religious people, Lord,” we said. “They always seem to think that God is on their side and against the people on the other side.”
Jesus agreed. “That’s why I don’t back Religions, I back People,” he said. “People are more important than Religions. Men and women are more important than the Sabbath.”
“You ought to watch your words,” one of us said with some concern. “You were crucified once for saying that sort of thing, you know.” “Yes-and by religious people,” said Jesus with a wry smile.

Just imagine all the wars going on because of religions. Even worse, ponder on the conflicts which arise between brothers of the same faith! Shiites or Sunnites.


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