East West Fusion

“Where the east meets the west” is perhaps an overused slogan. Mauritius lives it in its reality.The metissage has given us a new breed of people and a somewhat strange and confusing culture.

Are we Mauritians real Chinese or real Indians or real French, Europeans or Africans? Through the years and living in an environment off the mother base, we have evolved into a new hybrid. We have become Mauritians.

Would a Singaporean be a Chinese on asking any one in Singapore? He would bluntly reply , I guess I am a Singaporean. Same for a Thai!
This confirms my thesis the metissage has produced a new hybrid. Let us be proud of our Mauritian upbringing. I used to qualify myself to people who inquired about me, during my extensive traveling days, as someone who would : firstly speak English with a French residual accent and speak French using English idioms yet be proud of the fusion;secondly look Asian from my features yet almost westernized in my education; thirdly lives on a continent which is neither Europe nor Asia. The person who I would be talking to would be in confusion.

You will recall that the color green comes from the mixing of the yellow and blue colors.

A proud “Green” happy fusion Mauritian, I am and pray that we all were.

I recommend you to read Sanderson Beck from where I regular source for a wealth of knowledge at no cost.