Thorium Reactors for producing energy

Today,with such a lousy weather,post Cyclone Gamede, sticky,warm and humid, I have spent most of my day browsing on Thorium Reactors.

For those of you interested in “greener” source of energy,this might be one of the solution. I believe, India is well advanced in the search and deployment in this field. May we in the future, could look towards “mother India” for some help!As a matter of fact India is working very hard to find renewable source of energy to cater for its explosive demographic expansion. India is the 3rd world largest producer of energy from wind powered generators and very advanced in solar power generation too…

By the way,does anybody got any idea of the progress being made in the experimental wind turbine installed at Grand Bassin? We are great at launching project, also great at not following through and concluding the project. Is it a typical Mauritian trait?
I shall be discussing with my brother on this matter as soon as he lands in Mauritius this week. He had been involved with building one of the Candu(Canadian atomic energy) Nuclear power generator in Korea a few years ago and should be better informed than me.

Are you for or against Nuclear reactors in Mauritius?