Nine Passion Liberators

You will recall on my previous blog where I revealed my EQ profile. In my strengths part of the profile written by Professor Leonard Young, came out: energy and enthusiasm as well as social skills. In a nut shell, my motivator could well be summarised in a single word: PASSIONATE.

The dictionary defines ‘Passionate’ as: having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling. Rightly or wrongly, the buzz words have been for a while : Emotional Intelligence is not it? To be moved by our emotions and to harness the intelligence of our emotions are now being taught.

Unlike the generation of boys of my age, when we were told, in my school days that boys or men should not openly show our emotions: on the contrary I grew up instead expressing mine openly. Hind side,  these open and un-braked expressions of emotions helped me during my days in dramatic art  to secure the top awards.

I would like to share with you now  the ‘ 9 PASSION LIBERATORS’ , so well described by author Omar Khan, and  used by world leaders to produce winning results.

Nine Passion Liberators

Here are nine ways to liberate passion:

1. Intimacy. Ask questions to probe, to understand, to articulate, and to listen. You’ll deepen your insight and rapport with others. Equally, let others in, help them to gain meaningful and helpful insights into your own values, emotions, and work style. Authentic relationships liberate passion, productive energy, purposeful debate, and powerful connection.

2. The right bull’s eye. Pick the right target for your business to deliver profits, grow share, and strengthen brand. Ensure your target delivers some larger goal. Finding the place where corporate passion, potential profits, and a company’s core competencies come together helps produce a shared, strategic vision. With everyone aligned, challenged and recognized consistently in synch with it, passion naturally flows!

3. Radical conversations. Identify three radical conversations that could be game-changing. Get to the root of such issues in a candid, empathic manner by looking at the larger shared aim and committing to it together. Such conversations achieve alignment, commitment, and breakthroughs.

4. Protecting possibility. Face the facts while retaining a sense of possibility. Recognizing limits in a positive fashion enables you to transcend those limits, transform them, or evolve beyond them. By framing challenges in broader, more varied ways, you may convert a seeming barrier into a bridge.

5. Provoking the future. Determine which past strategies to keep and which ones to transcend by bypassing limiting assumptions and paradigms. Co-create new options with key allies and stakeholders to formulate and realize a future that generates exceptional value.

6. Claiming accountability. Encourage all to take responsibility for building a desired culture. Discerning, real-time appreciation leads people to do more of a good thing.

7. Living vitality. Find ways to stimulate your senses, exercise your body, learn new things, unleash your creativity, solve problems, love and care for people, listen empathically, and concentrate on the most important tasks at optimal times.

8. Maximizing potential. Create contexts for expression of potential. Commit to the process by which you produce results. Know the talent profiles of teammates and develop their talents.

9. Coaching growth. Productive behavioral change begins with “doing” things in a better and more effective way, seeking synergy between “doing” and “being” for passion and performance.

Making It Happen

Make passion happen in four ways:

1. Make passion liberators a way of life. They foster joy, better results, richer relationships, and amplified brand.

2. Create a coaching and leadership culture. Create a dashboard for your team and pick the passion liberators you most need to work on together.

3. Hype it as it happens. To liberate passion, make a change, then hype it!

4. Remember that passion is natural. With the right relationships and targets, you’ll challenge and support each other to behave your way to your vision.


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