OBAMA’s nomination speech

It was worthwhile reading and listening to Obama’s nomination speech. He delivered to a very powerful speech. He firstly made his point by giving enough arguments to bring ‘change’ to American leadership, to end 8 years of Bush administration and of republican rule. Secondly, he did give his vision of the future American with a program. Thirdly, he maintained a lyric which qualifies him as a great speaker and leader.

It was 50 minutes of pure pleasure spent in front of my laptop, in spite of the intermittent wait and pauses due to the slow internet download. Luckily I could read the transcript from the New York Times.

I do wish that he is elected on the 4th November and bring about the changes so much needed by not only in America but in the world.

It is worth noting racial segregation was encouraged by law in some of the southern states of America until a few decades ago. The story of Rosa Parks in Alabama and the battle she led, are telling. Up to now the mentality of some the people has not changed. The nomination of Obama and hopefully his election to the presidency may bring in speed in the mentality change in racial co habitation. Understandingly the mentality changes are required both from the whites as well as the blacks. I took almost a century from the abolition of slavery to the recognition of equal rights for the black. Mentality mind set is more tenacious.

Institutional racism still exists and will last much longer than one would think. This time it is not only restricted to whites-blacks discrimination but all the range of races. America in the past in 1882 had discriminating immigration law against Chinese. Today are still discriminated in America: Blacks, Hispanics, Middle-eastern and Muslims.

Admittedly, Obama will not as magic change the ingrained mentality overnight but will surely trigger the start of the process.


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