Thomas L.Friedman

The world is flat is one of the books which I read cover to cover, almost non stop, in a few days. Some 8 months ago, my nephew Jean Marc who lives in New York, was so enthused with the reading of the book that he had a copied flown to me by express mail. Ever since, I have become a Thomas Friedman’s fan. I read Thomas Friedman’s editorials on the New York Times regularly. I was in heaven seeing him on BBC and Voice of America a few months later.

I propose to you the following comments by Philip Shropshire


The World Is Flat is one of the top bestselling

Business books of all time and has sold more than

1.4 million Copies. It was also awarded the

Financial Times business book of the year award.

As of August 2006, it is number three on

Publisher’s Weekly bestselling nonfiction books list.

The World Is Flat also provides an engrossing

And concise history of the Internet age. It touches

on all of its facets, from the beginning of the World

Wide Web to the meaning of what excess fiber

optic cable means.

The World Is Flat not only identifies six danger

signs regarding United States’ technical preeminence,

but Friedman even lays out a number of policy

proposals, which include an educational

Marshall Plan for the United States, a “New” New

Deal and even retaining insurance for unemployed

workers who have been displaced.

For those who are interested I shall be pleased to email you a copy of Philip Shropshire full review of the book. I do recommend you to read the book.Enjoy a good book.