Do you know Etienne Chome?


Do you know Etienne Chomé?

Shortly before he left Mauritius in 2005 Etienne who has spent a number of years in Mauritius left a legacy. His 5 year’s stay in our island culminated in the publishing of his book “Apprendre a mieux gerer nos conflits” and the training of a team of volunteers to carry on his very laudable mission: teaching How to improve communications and conflict resolution skills.

Throughout his sojourn with us, Etienne conducted a large number of seminars and conferences on Conflict resolutions and communication skills. He had time to put to test his knowledge of the subject and perfected the delivery of the material to suit the local public. I attended some years ago, the lectures he gave and experienced his effective & artful skills in presenting, teaching and delivering complex intellectual materials simply. He was a knowledgeable, intelligent, generous and humble person. He could after the first session remember by first name each one of the 80 participants from memory.

Etienne’s works is largely inspired from world renown authors namely: Marshal ROSENBERG, Jacques SALOME, Thomas GORDON, Roger FISHER & William URY.

Etienne will be back in Mauritius for a short visit next week and will be taking stock of the impact of his deeds.

I would recommend that you enroll to one of the lectures given by Etienne’s team or purchase a copy of his book which has been printed & published in Mauritius.

He has very recently started a new website: