Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps

Mind mapping

Work smarter not harder? How can one be more creative? How can one have a focus vision whilst keeping track of the overall view?

I have been mind mapping for donkey years. Some time ago, whilst chatting to an old friend, Andre, he told me since he was a school kid; he always had some sort of drawings to map out his thoughts. That would suggest that mind mapping is natural form of thinking process. Indeed, a recent study on the working of the human brain confirms that human thoughts could well take the forms of mind maps. The brain links different “objects” to make up a thoughtful idea.

Tony Buzan has spent years teaching the world to use mind maps. I have gained a lot using his techniques. Today, there is a number of Mind mapping soft wares available. I currently have been using Mind Jet since version 1 some 8 or 9 years now.

I have taught a number of persons to use the techniques and they have found great productivity gain. Recently I brought in my friend, Victor to give a series of lectures on the subject to some CEO’s in Mauritius. They were thrilled.

I would have wished that all the students Mauritius be taught the use of mindmaps.

What about you, the entrepreneurs? Do you want to become more effective and creative?