Practice Practice Practice

Yesterday morning, I facilitated a short session to a bunch of very interesting young executives who are in the budding years of their working carrier. I guess they were age between 23- 26 years old and many occupy already some managerial positions.Hopefully,they will be the leaders of the tomorrow Mauritius.

For 2 hours we talked about Setting Goals & Time Management.I cooked up Peter Drucker’s SMART Goals method and threw in some of the Brian Tracy spices from his book Goals and added to the sauce to spark the favour some NLP emulsifers. From the feedback I got, the recipe was fine and they delected the session.They would be asking for a second serving at some other time.

For me it was great fun. It took me some hours of preparation which I thought was well worth the while. More over, it was in line with my life objective to help youngsters to get a fast start in life to progress to the maximum of their respective potential.

At the end of the session, some of them told me, the theory sounds simple and yet why are there so many unsucessful attempts. My reply was success is not in knowing but in the execution. Practice, practice and practice. Even the neophyte, athlete or ballerina may know the basics. The virtuoso on the other hand will master the knowledge, skills, techniques, through persistence & practice. He would have the obssesion to achieve his goals.

I quote here an excerpt from Allyn Cutts” article, which support my point

“We’ve been talking about Sam Walton and Donald Trump… two very different men, but each successful. What common thread did they share the made their names synonymous with big bucks?

If you take a close look, you’ll realize that both men were hands-on managers. They both paid a great deal of attention to the details of what was going on in their businesses.

I’m not sure I would want to be around when Trump shows up at one of his hotels. It’s been noted that if he spots a cob web or some dust in the corner, he’ll make a point to check that same corner on his next visit. If the offender is still there, he’ll refuse to move until it has been taken care of.

By the way, he doesn’t use a computer or take notes. He just remembers where the cob web was and hones in on it the next time through. Heck, I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast; much less which corner of my own house has a cob web! His memory for detail must be amazing!

What about Sam Walton? He enjoyed visiting his stores, and inspecting them. He wanted to know if they were meeting his expectations.

There we have it… the common principal of two very different, but outstandingly successful men. The secret is a hands-on-management style.

The next step is to put it in practice. Do you remember the old saying, practice makes perfect? How many times will you need to practice a principle before it works for you? I don’t know, but it’s probably quite a few times!

Think about it. If you’re a salesman, how many times do you need to practice your presentation before you have it exactly right? What about a Broadway performer? I’ll bet they go over and over and over their lines before they are ready to step out under the lights.

Sports heroes, actors, salesmen, comedians, and yes, successful business men and women spend a lot of time practicing. Instead of rehearsing lines for your next play, work at becoming a hands-on manager… knowing what’s going on in your business. Hopefully you won’t drive everyone as nutty as Donald Trump is known to, but heck if that’s what it takes…”

Perfection Practice Persistence Practice Peak Performance Practice Power Practice…so many P ‘S