Dengue Fever Encounters

Last night we had dinner with two charming ladies who were spending a few days at IVAC. We came to meet them,when we heard them speaking French. I could boast myself for having been able to identify their origin. I managed to identify from the accent that they were from Switzerland. Yet, I am hopeful to improve my acuity to be able to identify the region of Switzerland from the accent. They were from Neuchatel.

They have been touring India for a few weeks. During this trip one of them caught Dengue Fever. She had to be hospitalised and was kept in confinement for a week.During that period she said that she felt very weak and could neither walk nor stand.She had to lie in bed and at that time had a partial loss of memory. She was last night much better and really enjoyed the meal as she had regained appetite.

Some parts of India are under a spell of Dengue Fever right now. Travellers to India should be careful and protect themselves from the bites of the Tiger mosquitoes.She still carries the toxins which will be eliminated from her body system slowly. Marie Anne suggested that she takes “Xango” drink to help eliminate the toxins.

May we wish Heidi better health and enjoy the rest of her Indian sojourn.


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