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One of the most important task of any entrepreneur in this stern age is Team Building. The complexitity of any venture today demands so many special skills and competences that you have to be supported by a team which you have to nurture and motivate constantly.
In a recent article written by Peter Grazier, I retained the essentials of Team building. The bonding of individuals in a team are achieved through 6 elements:Common purpose, shared challenge,great camaraderie,collective responsability,desire for growth of the team and a motivating leadership.

I quote After having spent years in the construction industry as a civil engineer, Peter Grazier began using employee involvement concepts in 1981 to improve productivity on construction work sites. Having been significantly affected by the results of involving employees directly in work improvement, he formed Teambuilding, Inc. in 1985. Since that time, he has worked with over one hundred organizations in all industries throughout the United States and Canada, and his work had been noted in more than seventy-five publications including The Wall Street Journal.

He is the author and publisher of two books on employee involvement and teamwork and formerly a 12-year-old newsletter on employee involvement. Mr. Grazier was honored with the prestigious President’s Award from the Association for Quality and Participation for his contributions to the field.

He wrote

A team whose members are aligned with its purpose, feel a challenge in their task, have a strong sense of camaraderie, feel responsibility for the outcome, and experience growth as a team and in their personal lives, will tend to sustain motivation over the long haul.

This is not to say that they will not have difficulties at times, or that members’ wants and needs won’t change over time. In these cases, sometimes changes will have to be made. A member who no longer feels the team is meeting his or her needs may have to leave the team to continue on their own path.

But, in as much as it is possible to sustain motivation indefinitely, the factors above will tend to create the best possible environment for it.

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#1 christopher lam on 12.04.06 at 11:15 pm

hi tonton

This hasn’t got much to do with teambuilding as such, but I found a beautiful quote so much that I immediately thought of you:

“Winners compare their achievements to their goals, losers compare theirs to that of others.” –ARMONK, NY – Aug. 8

For we can be asked to set the best goals in the world, but if the motivation to reach those goals is always an external one, we are always doomed to underachieve!

Many thanks for your blog, I enjoy reading it!

Lancaster UK

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