Lower caste than the untouchables

Last night we had a very emotional slide show after dinner given by a voluntary worker of the ADRA organisation. Helga an austrian,physically big framed, 66 years old determined lady touched the small group present after dinner by the works she has undertaken for the last 3 years.The pictures shown describe the story of the community of African origin who were brought to India a century or so and who have survived in the jungle of Karnataka and Kerala.

The poorest of the poorest is how she called them. These African slaves live today in the fringes of the jungle and are outcast of the Indian community. They almost live like wild animals. To be looked down by others would be a compliment for these African origin people as in that case,at least somebody is looking at you. They are just ignored and very often molested as devils from the Jungle.

We were shown the pictures of their habitat. It is unbelievable that these conditions still exist for humans today. They have no access to water. Helga with the help of donors of ADRA India has started a project to dig bore holes to provide water supply to them during the dry season. A small team made up of a german nurse and some paid local indians are attempting to teach them some simple hygiene concepts to save them from diseases that most of them suffer from. Another battle that Helga has to wage is the acceptance of the existance of this community so that they may have access to social benefits & care given to any citizen.
You might have seen how the untouchables are still being treated today in rural India. To be told first hand, and shown pictures proving that there is a lower class of people below them can only move me.We all left with a great feeling of sorrow and incapacity to act.And yet to listen to Helga,I am was thankful to the Lord to place a person like her to change the world.


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