Guests at IVAC

We are now in our 3rd week of stay at IVAC Mysore.  Judging by the amount of people we have met, it would appear that this centre is one of the choicest of its kind. We understand that it is featured as a premium ayurvedic centre in the Lonely Planet and other tourist guides. Marlise, who is herself a proud owner of an ayurvedic centre in Switzerland, agrees with us that the quality of cure given by the centre is outstanding, compared to those she had experienced elsewhere in India, where she has travelled extensively.  This morning, we got an email from Eric, another Swiss, with whom we exchanged during the last week. The owner of a lithographic company, he told us that he arrived home near Geneva safely, happy and refreshed from his Indian escapade. We had a chance to meet a flamboyant Catalan wonderful lady. Mind you, she is a great Barcelona football fan, as she works for  FC Barcelone! Just imagine to be in Mysore and to talk about Ronaldo and Ronaldino and european football!  Last night, Marie Anne had to pull me from the dinner table, as I was engaged in a very interesting conversation with my neighbours, an Italian couple, who live in Venice. He was a very well known businessman, who was the president of the the association of industrialists in his city. The conversation was about Italian culinary likes and dislikes. He told us how he loves Ravi Shankar who gave a concert 200 meters away from his home! Yes, the world is becoming a small village!

Until then, we shall have more stories of wonderful people that we are meeting.


#1 Nazlee on 12.12.06 at 1:20 pm

Hi Joseph ,

Looks as if u are NOT missing us !

Take care & God bless


#2 joseph on 12.13.06 at 12:47 pm

I am trying to make the most of today’s experiences in Mysore. That in no way gets me to forget my dearest friends who I know are sharing the discoveries of a new way of life! of cure which is thousand of years old. Hello Mauritius!

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