Dr Muralidhar

Through the weeks, my daily encounter with the chief medical officer got me to know him a little bit better. A person of some 50 years of age, he has been practicing ayurvedic medicine for many years, after having qualified as a doctor. He has been blessed with 2 children, a boy and a girl, who are already in their early twenties and starting up their professional lives.

He is a very dedicated doctor, well known in this province of Karnataka. Before taking up his present position, he had been a professor of ayurvedic medecine in various institutes and tought at the ayurveda training school. One of his hobby is to perform as a vocalist in Karnatak classical music. Indeed, a man of many talents! I was struck by his great modesty,knowledge,kindness and understanding of people. He is jovial, warm and affectionate. What drives him is to get the best out of people, and he’s always listening, to improve himself and the others. I had the opportunity to listen to the weekly lectures that he gives to guests on ayurveda.  His demeanor was very much that of a university professor, where timing, precision  and  imparting of knowledge were of essence. I, and most of the people present really enjoyed the 30 mins talk where unusual eastern concepts were made simple to us westerners. I have now a better knowledge of vata, pitta and kapha.

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#1 Karrthik Ekambaram on 04.05.07 at 11:05 am

Dr. Muralidhar was my professor in Jss Ayurvedic Medical college.He was taking shareera rachana in 1st phase of BAMS.
After that we really missed him a lot.At that times he remembered me. I hope now also.

Dr. Krishna had also given speech in our college .He zeroed on the curing aspect.
Anyway nice blog. Sir please put up your profile etc

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