Before he leaves to San Diego Dr.Talavane Krishna the man who is the creator and engine driving the IVAC’s realization gave a short lecture on yet another Vedic subject which is of great interest to him. His studies in Vaastu was aroused out of necessity. When he started the project of setting up a home in Mysore and an Ayurvedic centre he had so much difficulties.He described:How by getting the positioning and erection of buildings in conformity with the energies changed the course of his life events? He has, by way of this experience learned and studied Vaastu and has now become a Vaastu consultant. Through his studies and his previous Ayurvedic studies, it was relatively easy for him to draw parallels between Vedic Astrology(Jyotish), Avyurveda( the science of well being)and Vaastu( the science of structures) as they all are founded in the same principles and may be sourced in the common Vedic literatures.

During the Q&A session,Dr. Krishna discussed briefly on the similarities & differences between Feng Shiu as there were members of the assembly who were of Chinese origin.Both are art of placement and have their roots in the knowledge of planetary energies and basic elements that govern them.Vaastu considers space, air,fire water and earth whilst Feng shiu Wind,water,fire & air. Height/weight distribution,exalted/debilitated positions and extensions & cuts are additional elements proposed in a more mathematically inclined Vaastu.

He responded to my interrogation on the effects of energies direction when one is situated in the southern hemisphere.According to him the climatic forces orientations being different, in fact opposite,he reckoned that Vaastu reading could be different. The Vedas were observations and writings made for the Northern hemisphere.As to the interplanetary system there would be no changes.

He then presented his book: The Vaastu Workbook, a simple to read book with numerous drawings and practical examples.

Thank you Dr. Krishna for entertaining us and sharing your wide knowledge and experiences.


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