Treachery & Joie de Vivre

What do you do when after 27 years years of married life, you wife suddenly decide to leave you and file in a divorce? That was the bomb that landed year ago, on one of the residents of IVAC with whom I had a meal yesterday. Suddenly he sunked into depression and his general health went wild. For all these years, he had diligently work non stop to raise his four children and suceeded to save up some wealth for this family and was looking towards to a retired cosy life. Later he discovered that his wife was leading a dissolute life for the last few years. He would not believe his ears. Treachery! On the recommendation of his sister who lived in India, he came to spend sometime at IVAC last year.

He is now back again in Mysore, a year passed the trauma. He has not entirely got over the situation but is definitely in better physical shape and mental health to face the forth coming battle to wage in court for the divorce. He is hopeful that his week stay will be benefiting his health and spirit.

Three of the children are today grown up and financially independent. The 4th child, a daughter still living with him, should complete her high school studies this year, before proceeding to university in the next year.

Since his last year’s shock he has completely changed his lifestyle.He admits that he is now a different man and has lost his dynamism and joie de vivre! As an hotelier, he was a people person, caring always about others, now he has turned taciturn and unwilling to meet even his closest relatives.He is working towards renewing with his “joie de vivre”.

May I wish you “joie de vivre” fast my dear Arl…..


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