Beaujolais or NLP Thursday?

It was a full day for me on last Thursday. No! It was not because it was the 3rd Thursday of November, the Beaujolais day. For years the 3rd thursday of November have been hectic days organizing the Beaujolais fest whilst wearing my AIR FRANCE hat and later French wine importer’s hat at Scott.

Early wake up!  I was on my feet at 6.30; against my usual 9.00 break from my pillow after listening to the news on either TV 5 news bulletin or the RFI radio news. I started my physical exercises and therapy half awakened as early as 7.30 because I had to rush to The Suffren hotel to reach before ten o’clock for the APM meeting. Surprisingly the motorway from Ebene to Port Louis was free flowing and it took me only 25 minutes to strike the Caudan Water front.

Together with the APM members we had a lively and enjoyable review of the last year activities and were very eager to prepare to the next year’s programme. The change of venue to Suffren from the usual Le Labourdonnais hotel  was very refreshing and more importantly the change to a special Andalusian Spanish buffet lunch was welcomed by all.

I came back home just in time to meet my coachees for their weekly session of an hour. We talked of G.O.D and S.C.O.R.E  NLP models and the possible applications in work and other fields.

Luckily there was enough time left for me to rest and relax in bed for half and hour before I walked in the meeting room to run the NLP practice group.

From 18.00 to 20.00, I enjoyed thoroughly the interaction with the core group discussing NLP Meta Model and practising the identification of language patterns. From the  GLAD, MAD, SAD feedback  from the participants, I could only rejoice to be told that they not only enjoyed and had fun during the session, they are taking back with them practical lessons to put in applications in their lives.

Reflecting on this Beaujolais day before striking the pillow after a light dinner, I thought that I have to be thankful to My Lord for this fruitful beautiful full day. I am so grateful to my NLP exposure.


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