Kriya Yoga

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India without yoga could not be India. It may well be yet another gift that India has to offer to the western world. “Kriya Yoga brings about an integrated transformation of the individual in all five planes of existence: physical, vital, mental, intellectual and spiritual. Everyone can practice it and thus find happiness and peace.”

Yesterday, since I was confined to my room, during the day & because during the PanchaKarma treatment no one is not allowed to be exposed to the windy atmosphere, I did not witness the arrival of this large group of 20 persons strong at the center. I later got to meet and exchange with a few of the group who are all disciples of a yogi master who has his Ashram in Quebec. They come from all over the world in pilgrimage to south India with their teacher Marshall Govindan Satchidananda, who I saw from afar later at lunch.

I was told that the individuals of group come from all walks of life, all bonded by the practice of Kriya Yoga and meditation as revealed by Babaji. The world wide coverage of Marshall Govindan Satchidananda’s teachings & achievements, as seen on the net, seem impressive. Browsing at the website is well worth the while. Even Mauritius and Reunion islands are listed in the world wide contact

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#1 Puneet The Natural Lifestyle Advisor on 12.03.07 at 10:21 am

I am so glad that so many have been benefitted by Kriya Yoga and Panchkarma. Regards, Puneet

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