Good Bye Mr & Mrs Lee


I can only have wonderful souvenirs of the interesting conversations at the lunch & diners with the Lee Family, who bid me farewell at lunch time today.They are on the way back to Singapore and will be catching a flight from Bangalore late in the night. Mrs Penny Lee decided to have their last diner Indian meal this time at yet another Ayurveda center, SOUKYA near Bangalore.I had earlier understood that Mr. Lee after these ten days of strict vegetarian regime  he was looking forward to a good hearty non vegetarian meal once out of the center.In these circumstances, the stronger sex has always the last word!

The Lees are half retired. Mr. Lee was an accountant before, now converted to his wife passion and work: Pottery. They create artistic pottery and have every 2 years a sales exhibitions. The rest of the time they spend traveling overseas. Penny just loves India and visits very often.She is right now preparing another trip to trek in the Himalayas.Yes this kind of expedition requires prior training both in terms of physical fitness and mental strength.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Lee. You have lightened the burden of my confinement. Hope to see you some other time.

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