Chaud au Coeur

I was really touched by the email, I received this morning from my brother.


Let me tell you a little true story that I found nice and heart warming.

Last Saturday we attended the funeral of Mrs Marie How, 95 years old, the mother in law of  Mme Chan ,our relatives . She was an orphan at a very young age, lived with a foster mother until she married; was the mother of 9; had 25 grand children and 27great grand children; Including the spouses of the children & grandchildren, her lignée amounts to 90 persons. She immigrated to Canada soon after her husband died in Mauritius.

She had no formal education – never went to school but was a very smart and strong lady and full of love. She could not speak English but the granddaughter shared that she knew 3 English words that she always ended her phone conversation with – “I love you”. It was a beautiful ceremony – a true celebration of her life and of her passage to heaven.

A few years back, she asked to be baptized and took catechism classes in Chinatown and Mam (our mother) was her god mother  

Mme Chan (with whom she lived) shared with me that her mum a few days before she died told her that she was going to a wedding and that her god mother was taking her to the wedding!

I find that so cute and fitting – that Mam her godmother was coming to accompany her to the big wedding feast in heaven! Cela m’a fait chaud au coeur!


Would those who would have left our earthly world be still loving and caring for us? May be one day we shall find out. For now, I choose to believe that it is true.Our departed parents and friends continue to love us as they did just like we may choose to continue to love them in spite of their absence.Yes,we have the choice of living today in this bliss of love. So, make the most of it.

Thank you brother!


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