Jean Michel Billaut

Jean Michel Billaut blogger par excellence who I had the chance to meet last year at a conference is visiting Mauritius on the 14 February 2007. A retired banker ,now turn into a champion of making access to the internet at high speed to the world as a right is worth listening to. He does not go about his quest as a radical with  a single minded ideology, to the contrary, he proposes creative and practical solutions to provide internet connectivity at lowest cost possible if not free to the public. Just as air is free, right access to drinking water, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, access to education are fundamentals that must be provided to any citizen of the world, J M Billaut wages that internet access comes just after these rights once the economy of a country reaches a level.

His dream is to make the region of Pau in France a premier location which will become world accessible through the internet connections at very high speed for free or at a very low cost. His region could then with its infrastructure, bloom in activities, today unimaginable for its development and the welfare of the population living there. He travels all over the world to push his ideas and I feel that we should rally a wide audience to pick on his ideas and use it for Mauritius, ourDream  cyber island.Do read his blog for more details.
I intend to organize a meeting of the  Mauritian bloggers and all those who are interested to listen to J M Billaut’s idea of shunting the distances between territories,which geographically are today termed as far, to be electronically near. He would also talk about his views of the technology of the future and how to be prepared as a country or nation not to miss the boat.

Likewise, I feel so near to you dear Mauritian bloggers though seated presently,in my room in Mysore India. Thanks to my wireless  internet 24 hours internet connection.
Would those interested drop in a commentary to enable me to arrange for the meeting.

Namaste from Mysore


#1 billaut on 01.14.07 at 11:04 am

Bonjour Joseph…
Et bien que voila une belle introduction, j’en suis rouge de confusion… en tout cas cela me fait tres plaisir de te revoir… et de venir à Maurice que je ne connais pas…

#2 joseph on 01.14.07 at 4:28 pm

Merci JeanMichel pour ton commentaire et a tres bientot pour la decouverte de mon pays…et du soleil a gogo, haut debit et gratuit.

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