RangoliI was happily surprised to see in front of the treatment rooms where I was led to this morning,this beautiful design made on the door step. Made of colored sand,delicately drawn to adorn the entrance, I was told ,it was called a Rangoli. My curious instinct was immediately aroused. Soon after my massage and herb bath I immediately went for more information on Rangoli which,I found out, is a traditional Art form widely spread in rural India particularly in the south. Rangoli which is colorful, serves to welcome guests and put them in the appropriate mood as they cross your doorstep.Made from colored sand or rice they give the creator of the Rangoli great liberty of expression and improvisation in form and texture.

I had wish that this art be taken on board by Mauritians as a heritage of our mother India origin country of the vast majority of our population. Would it be possible to organise a national Rangoli contest on some appropriate Indian Festival day,like Sankranti (14 Jan) or Pongal(15 Jan) as called in the Southern Dravidian language?

I like this religio-philosophical definition. Like Hindu and Buddhist Mandalas, the reason for using powder or sand as a medium for creating Rangoli (and its resulting fragility) is sometimes thought to be a metaphor for the impermanence of life and maya.
Yes, this year I shall be feasting Pongal in Mysore. Day of worship of cattle and crop, Mysore will be dressed in its best attire I am told. The town will be decorated in beautiful colors even the errant cows will be painted!EllaBella will be exchanged and given to all guests.You may want to try out a Pongal sweet recipe!
I am so pleased to discover & deepen my skimpy knowledge of the rich and centuries old Indian Culture.


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