Quebec Mauritius meet

I had a wonderful morning today. My cousins came to visit me. Nothing extraordinary you may think to have your relatives to visit you? Not so true, because first of all, of the cousins two of them came from far distant Canada and I have not met them for a while to talk about our common interests.

Serge Trudeau, married to my cousin, is unique, as most of us are any way, had prepared this morning’s visit by sending me an advance email to list out the subjects of common interests he would like us to talk about. We talk about NLP, a subject which has been common to us for a number of years. I recalled that in the frequent travels when I went for training in the US, I used to stop over in Montreal and to share with Serge my interests and learning thereon. Serge later, modeling me, followed me in attending an NLP training. Since, we had not met.

I enjoyed exchanging with Serge. In spite of his present eyes health conditions, he carries on studying, reading in Braille and reflecting on topics, we commonly share and which are viewed from a different perspective because of our different life experiences. These meetings expand our vision of the world. Is not it so wonderful? My present health condition also directs me to study, read and reflect. So you must imagine the excitement of this morning tea gathering!

“De fil en auguille”, Serge, Quebecois pur sang, shared with me a website of telequebec TV giving the interviews of great achievers and their deeds. Jacques Attali was one of them. I am so fond of him and enjoy seeing him on TV shows and rank him second to Michel Serres as a thinker, and parts of the great minds of today. I had not met Jacques Attali but I had conversed at length with his twin brother some years back at Chateau Bel ombre. On the other hand, I spent a weekend at Anse la Raie with Michel Serres, a couple of years ago, listening to his vision of the world.

Biting through life with eagerness could bring to you the juice of a new life of bliss and joy.Merci cousin Serge.


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