When Gambling become Pathological

Last Monday late in the night, I got a phone call from a friend who asked whether Mr. X called me. On further inquiry, I understood that Mr. X had that morning been sacked from his job, as his boss discovered that he had committed a fraud of a few million of rupees. His wife, in tears, called my friend to advice that Mr. X did not return home that evening and that she had no news of him.

Whilst all of us knew that Mr. X had huge debts accumulated from his previous gambling addiction but this time we feared that he was in total despair and could commit the irremedial act. I panicked and ressort to my only tool in these circustances: prayers.

Thank God, my fear did not materialise or God answered my prayer if I prefer to choose. The next morning, I was informed that Mr. X spent the night at the Bouchon on the cliff overlooking the sea deciding to commit suicide.A great relief.

Now the reconstruction work has to start. Life is a constant renewal is n’t it.


#1 Steph on 09.17.06 at 10:23 pm

I gather it’s “…decided NOT to commit suicide”
Bon courage to him and his family in this difficult etape of their lives, let’s hope that he has adequate professional help and family support to pull through.

#2 joseph on 09.18.06 at 3:13 pm

You are right he did not kill himself.Indeed with a friend, we are helping him to pull himself up. Let us hope that he will come out of his trouble fast and a minimum of scars.

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