Selavy by Ulrike Haage

Who is Ulrike Haage? A sound Artist, a German pianist and a composer. Over the net I had the chance of sampling her music which I found smooth and soothing to my ears and very relaxing. Selavy wrongly or rightly read :c’est la vie… Ulrike is spending some time in Mysore. Her first few days of Panchakarma must have been uneasy as she had to confine herself to her room.She is much better now as she now has her meals at the dinning hall.Her website is worth a visit. Poetry in music or Poetry in motion music, would well be another title of her site. Her capacity to transport her audience to a well being dreamland in a repetitive music when one is recalled of the mantra of the main theme without being tired of it is what I enjoyed. Her composition from the piano and keyboard bring in new sounds which confirms her as a true sound artist made in Germany.

Her music reminds me of the emotions aroused in me when listening to M. Boulton, the BBC film music composer in his lesson on psycho-acoustics in his studio in Baath, way back in 1996.

Thank you Ulrike for stretching our potential of sounds to bring through your music therapy a haven of peace. Bravo to the avant-garde music that you are creating and Yes! the Afghans as well as Talibans have also right to peace. Music could be a means to bring them solace.


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